" Wandering off into the wilderness "
The Days Are Gone - Sured
A line from the song The Days Are Gone by Sured. A song showing that there's more than just the beaten path and that one can find his way, wherever and however. A song with inspiring insights. The Days Are Gone was released as the first single of Sured's EP The Blue Flame, which was released on the 23rd of September. The wings of his ambitions, signifying in and especially with music, spread. Well deserved; Sured breathes rhythm and musicality.

Sured is Sjoerd Raaymakers (Breukelen, 1993) and wields music 24/7. For years, Sured is driven by his passion for music. He tried drums when he was seven and played the guitar 'fluently' when he was nine years old. His guitar teacher organised stage-nights, where Sured's predilection for the stage soon manifested. With a guitar in his hands, a mic in front of him and an audience to unfurl, Sured is in his element. In April this year, Sured has been proclaimed to be 'the best Singer-songwriter in Utrecht', praised for his guitar and performing skills and characteristic voice.

Numerous gigs down the road to success brought a lucid image of Sured. Sured is 23 years old, a sociable son, jolly brother, a compassionate friend, but above all a music-seized human. And he is determined to spread his music across the globe. Intrinsically driven...

This characterizes Sured. He is very approachable. When he is at ease, a fluent talker. Stories will be abundant. In interviews on radio and television. On different stages. It has become his second nature. Telling stories. A useful characteristic as a musician.

Sured writes his own lyrics, entrusting his thoughts, experiences and words to the paper. His plea for thinking out of the box starts with the realization that one cannot cross a raging river when there's no bridge to the other side. Sured's song Building Bridges describes the personal process of achieving goals. Every one of his originals describe personal moments without getting uncomfortably close.

Have you ever heard of The Blue Flame? It is where your passion and mission congregate. It is what we all should be searching for in our lives. On the 23rd of September, Sured released his first EP: The Blue Flame. More on The Blue Flame...